Sapna Handa

Transforming people inside out

Sapna Handa the founder and Director at Novus Impeccably you image consulting is an image rehabilitator, a corporate soft skill facilitator .With the background of work experience as the Director of 5senses, the passion of creating the right environment through interiors at home, restaurant or styling through clothes and accessories, sapna had it all. Her innate ability of connecting with people by empathizing with them, striking the right conversation at the right time makes her a certified communication expert. She has been interviewed by Hindu as the director of 5senses. Novus impeccably you has been featured in Wedding vows. Being a life coach  she empowers her clients in creating Everlasting impressions and proudly helps the learners and the clients reach their true potential. Helping people build their dreams is rewarding, wonderful and transformational because its never too late to dream a new dream and to set a new goal.

Life sends us these windows of opportunity and we either

  • Shrink from them and make our life small or
  • Run to them and make our life big
Novus Impeccably you helps you build your dreams and reach your true potential.
Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you work outside the home or not, Novus impeccably you can coach you on three areas of creating visual impact
  • Physical appearance
  • Behavior
  • Communication
Novus helps in removing the stumbling blocks like fear, limited thinking and procrastination in achieving your goals. Impeccably you passionately changes peoples lives inside out by acting as the catalyst .

Being a Founder and Director at Novus Impeccably You, Sapna  is experienced in working with an array of people and professions for one-on-one consulting:


  • Politicians
  • Media personalities
  • Corporate professionals
  • Professional speakers
  • Individuals who are tall, full-figured or petite
  • Exclusively with men, women, teens or children

Sapna is one of the experienced Facilitator imparting training at the Image consulting Business institute, Chennai. She is an Image Consulting partner at the Image Consulting Business Institute. Impeccably You has conducted a lot of workshops in hotels, Rotary clubs, Saki Mandal’s and women organizations on various topics on Image Management and Soft skills. The recent facilitation session at Savera Hotels on “Body Language” for the executive team and the front office was appreciated by the Savera team. The workshop on“Image Management to create Everlasting Impressions” was held at Kaveri hospitals to address the eminent doctors and professionals. The audience applauded  the speaker with the token of appreciation by the IMA. Another worshop with Amway women entrepreneurs on “Glamorous You: Dress To Impress” goes to the credit of NOVUS. Dining and Etiquette workshop conducted at Benz Hotel by the ICBI was a huge success too. Some more topics like “Wearable Pieces Of Art”, “How To Get Rid Of Wardrobe Monsters?”, “Dress For Success”, “Verbal and vocal communication”goes to the credit of Impeccably You.