Had an amazing experience with the consultant in which I got to know my face shape, my body shape, the colour of my eyes, hair, lip and cheek and my personal style. Now I consciously dress up according to my body shape, wear spectacles according to my face shape. Very informative sessions which helped me in my dressing.
Payal Malhotra


Ekta Agarwal

A very enchanting and insightful experience.

Seema Chopra

Very good

Surish Sharma

Inspiring!! Awesome!

Aparna Mahay

My clinics on Image Consultancy with consultant Sapna Handa were marvelous. The sessions with her were very informative, interesting and very helpful. As they helped me understand and evaluate my characteristics, body, lifestyle and my dress sense better.

She made me aware of my face shape, complexion and as per these parameters suggested a suitable hairstyle. The kind of cluster of clothes I should have in my wardrobe which match my characteristics and therefore improve my image. She helped me overcome my concerns about my complexion, hair and body type and recommended various products which I should use and include in my daily life to make my self look better and attractive on a daily basis which in turn will increase my confidence and feel good about myself.

Deepa Batra

I have had amazingly informative sessions. Being a fashion stylist these sessions have helped me enhance my understanding on the science behind clothing and given me a whole new insight on personal styling. These sessions have fueled my passion for fashion even more and given me a brand new level of confidence which is definitely going to help me in my profession.

Saloni Shah

It  was  5 months back  when  in order to work on certain personal traits of  mine  I approached  ICBI  office  at  Nungambakkam  Chennai .  Where in second meeting  was put on to Sapna Handa the  coach . First meeting lasted  around 2 hours where as per ICBI  format  i think  physcographic analysis was done to understand  the need based analysis .
Post that have   attended   four clinics with  Sapna Handa on
1) Public Speaking & Presentation Skills .
2) Body Language .
3) Etiquette skills .
4) Body Language Part -1 & 2 .
5) Dining Skills .

I have   found  Sapnas  session  very interesting , content oriented & very  life changing . I have personally benefited immensely from all these  sessions .  I  find  Sapna as  very stylist ,confident and   knowledgeable coach  who knows her job and is  very passionate  about what ever  subject she  undertakes .  As per my learning curve  she should among the  ”  Top Guns ” in  complete  Horizon of   ICBI . I always look forward very keenly for Sapna Class  . Hope all  coaches  possess same kind of  style , elan , knowledge & zeal   to deliver  best  in  each session .

I wish  Sapna all the best & also recommend  Students to have clinics under her .

Very informative sesssions with the Image and communication expert. Since I was in the hotel industry my role demanded to change my sense of dressing. Being an enngineer to hotel owner the jouney was awesome and so was the need to be in sync with the changing times.The image modules with Sapna helped me to be in sync with my profession which demanded to dress up every single day. She changed my hairstyle, my spectacles according to my face shape.The sessions were an eye opener.

Hotel owner, Chennai